Do you know how to communicate most effectively with people at different developmental stages?

Our intensives sharpen your ability to serve your clients and give you new insights about the value of vertical development theory and research. As a participant, you will learn the “languages” people use at different developmental stages and how to communicate most effectively with them.

You will learn how to tailor your coaching to best support others based on their stage of development and their particular developmental challenges. You will find yourself better equipped to offer effective and sensitive approaches to enabling your clients’ transition from stage to stage. Overall, you will experience a rich fusion of personal and professional development and a path to deeper self-awareness.

Developing Leadership Maturity Program

for Individuals, Coaches and Leaders

for the last time in Europe with Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter!

17-20 May 2018

In this four-day workshop you will gain a detailed understanding of our Leadership Maturity Framework (LMF), an overview of our MAP instrument, and learn to apply your knowledge in organizations. In addition, you will have an introduction to Polarity Thinking, a tool to address complex issues and become adept at interdependent thinking.

Who will benefit from DLM?

Developing Leadership Maturity (DLM) benefits individuals, coaches, and leaders interested and working in the following fields:

Personal growth

Leadership Development

Executive Coaching

Team Development

Coach Development

Organizational Development

Whole Systems Change 


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