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Bence Ganti, MA, is main organizer, the co-founder, and director of the Integral European Conferences (since 2014) who works full time on IEC-s for five years now in a rowm and the co-founder of Integral Europe team (since 2012). He created the the 3-year adult education program on integral psychology, in Hungary, called Integral Academy in Budapest (since 2006). Bence is an integrally oriented clinical psychologist, vipassana meditator, and international teacher of integral psychology.

Being a dual citizen of the USA and Hungary, Bence bridges cultures delivering keynote addresses, making presentations, and leading experiential workshops worldwide, including his version of a cutting-edge we-space practice called Integral Flow Experience. Based on this he has created the International Constellation Processes at the Integral European Conferences. In the USA he has thought integral psychology at Meridian University and San Francisco State University in California and at integral events at  Bay Area Integral, Integral Center in Boulder, and the Integral Theory Conferences. Bence has been teaching also in Mexico, Colombia, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Portugal, Bulgaria, and South Africa. He represented integral consciousness during the World Economic Forum week in Davos, Switzerland in 2019. Ken Wilber asked him to be the European coordinator of Integral Institute

To honor the man who gave the world the integral vision, he teamed up with John Dupuy to create the Ken Wilber Gratitude Fund in Washington, D.C. and is currently serving as a fund trustee to thank Ken Wilber for his life work. For more details, please check out the websites associated with Bence’s work linked below.


Joining Bence for the active work of building up the conference. All throughout the year together, as their daily part time or full time work. 

Preseneter Selection and Communication and Program Logistics

Hanna Hündorf, born 1960 in Germany, has been part of the core team of IEC since its inception in 2014.

She helps develop the content, coordinates the workshops and presentations before and during the event, and is part of the main stage management.

Hanna has been a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism since 1982, living for 15 years in Samye Ling, Scotland, where she completed two traditional three year retreats. In 1997, after her first retreat, she began translating for Buddhist teachers from English to German and intensified her studies of Buddhist philosophy and meditation in Hamburg and Nepal. She also started teaching at that time, and begun developing her own style of transmitting the traditional teachings and methods in a way that is appropriate to the Western culture, but retains the depth and power. At the same time she began reading Ken Wilber and adopted the Integral View.

After her second retreat in 2006, she returned to Germany to look after her mother. She worked in an old people’s home for 2 years and nursed her mother for 11 years, so that she could grow old peacefully and in dignity and die at home.

During that time, Hanna began giving courses and individual coaching sessions. She also became involved in the Integral Movement in Germany and Europe, with a special emphasis on organizing large gatherings.

She now lives with her husband in North Germany, has joined his gardening firm and gives coaching sessions. She translates from English to German at the celebrate life festival, and for Terri o Fallon.


Main Coordinator

Csilla is the main coordinator of IEC for 2 years now. She has her finger on the pulse of the conference, keeping daily contact with team members and participants too, functioning also as a member of the customer service team.

She majored in communication and public relations, then journalism. Previously, she worked as a communications officer, both online and offline.

She is a staff member and also a student at the Integral Academy, and is currently completing her final year and will pass her final exams in June. In addition to integral psychology, she is interested in astrology, energy medicine, and constellation.

She is studying symbol therapy in parallel with Integral Academy.

She is the mother of a 15-year-old boy.


Head of Hosting Team

Gabriel is an Integral Master Coach™ and facilitator for Coaches Rising online trainings. As an Integral practitioner, he is committed to his own personal growth and to making an impactful contribution to the realization of our full human potential. 

Prior to becoming a coach, Gabriel led an exciting career as an author, educator, and consultant in the publishing industry. He brings a lot of experience, rigor, and heart to our team.

Head of Data Coordination

Mark has joined the team in 2019. As a serial entrepreneur, he works fanatically and precisely so naturally, he found his place in the team as head of data coordination. He makes sure that the literally thousands of  details, agreements, needs, on dozens of sheets and lists are all kept together and well handled.

He is also a trainee at Integral Academy. He’ll send more info about him soon to be posted here. 


Norbert helps the team with planning and executing marketing campaigns. After graduating with a MA degree in Business, Norbert took a dive into the startup scene in Berlin for some years, then moved to Budapest and started advising clients in digital marketing.

He spent a gap year in New Zealand volunteering, traveling and journeying inward.

At the moment, he is leading a digital agency HiData that provides data analytics and marketing services for online businesses.

Norbert is currently finishing third year at the Integral Academy in Budapest, Hungary.

Noémi Baló (HUNGARY)

Social Media Coordinator

Noémi joined the team in 2021 and does social media postings and generates content for IEC newsletters, blog posts, and Facebook posts.

After graduating from high school, she spent a gap year mostly in Israel and a bit in France engaging in voluntary work, traveling, and journeying inward. 
After returning to Hungary, with 8 years of continuous yoga practice, she completed yoga teacher training and started giving classes.

She also embarked on a psychology BA and simultaneously started the first year at the Integral Academy in Budapest, Hungary.

Now, she is applying to the Dharma Gate Buddhist College in Budapest, hoping to be able to continue her studies and personal growth there. 

Financial Coordinator

Anikó is one of the financial personnel of Integral Academy. She has joined the team in April, 2019. She is responsible for keeping all numbers at check, calculating costs and prices, arranging payments, invoicing and communication with our accountants.

She has been working in finance for more than twenty years. In this time she has gathered experience working for Hungarian as well as foreign small and medium-sized enterprises in a variety of companies in different fields such as an architectural firm, a trading company and in the food industry. Before joining Integral Academy she was tasked with running the financial and administrative operations of the subsidiary of a Swedish company for eleven years.


One focus, professional delivery, working mostly around the conferecne

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